GaleriBU, Şubat 2012’de sanatçı Umut Yalım tarafından İstanbul’un tarihi semti Galata’da Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokak’ta sanatseverlerle buluştu.

GaleriBU was established by artist Umut Yalım in February 2012 in Galata, wherein one of the most historical and touristic places of İstanbul is. The heading aim of GaleriBU is exhibiting the artists both from Turkey and all over the world to larger audiences through a universal art perspective. GaleriBU is not limited by any definitive concept. Through an extensive art view, GaleriBU opens its doors to artists from any branch while the gallery also gives importance to exhibit the works of young artists’. GaleriBU is not an inception nor a conclusion for artists; it is a process. GaleriBU is not an art gallery which gains its form through anyone’s decisions, but through the people and artists who get involved in. The primary principle of GaleriBU is transmitting the art as it is without reforming it by rules, fictions, and instutionalization. As an art gallery GaleriBU differs from the others by opening its each floor to its functional usage. The first two floors are being used for monthly personal or collective exhibitions of art; while it also hosts poem or music performances, workshops, pop-up stores, and special events.